Franck Muller Vanguard handed a Popeye pop!


Franck Muller has announced it has again collaborated with Bamford Watch Department to create a brand-new Vanguard watch. Inspired by Popeye, the iconic spinach-eating sailor known for his adventures, the latest iteration to join the Vanguard line-up is a showstopping timepiece. 

Available in black titanium or rose gold, the cartoon-themed creation sports a captivating shape with clean and innovative aesthetics. The black dial features Popeye, his “distinctively muscled forearms” indicating the time. On the black titanium version, the indexes are finished in blue, while the items on the rose gold piece match its case’s colour. 

The strap is cleverly integrated inside the case to maintain and extend the curved aspect of the watch. The Swiss luxury watchmaker says this makes the Vanguard Popeye a stunning and sporty timepiece with a unique design.

The Vanguard Popeye is equipped with the company’s MVT FM 800 movement. The self-winding unit offers a power reserve of 42 hours. 

“I am delighted with this second project in collaboration with Bamford Watch Department. The first being the sold-out Snoopy Crazy Hours launched last year. Today we present the powerfully strong Popeye by Bamford and Franck Muller. Our collaboration of the distinctive creation of BWD with the Master of Complications results in eye-catching wristwatches, one in a black titanium case and the other in rose gold, both extremely eye-catching,” said Nicholas Rudaz, CEO of Franck Muller. 

“Not only do these watches hold all the DNA of Popeye and Franck Muller, but their creative packaging box will enhance the beauty and uniqueness of such a collectable watch. The watch is also delivered with a Popeye cartoon printed on a micro-fibre cloth and includes the headquarters of both Bamford and Watchland. We’re very excited about this new collaboration and look forward to many more.”


For more information, visit the firm’s website here.